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The piles of old fallen leaves, pumpkins happily greeting friends, and scary costumes dancing around the city. Its Halloween! Time to party!

Play as Moriah a tired, anxious, student with a passion for drumming in OFFAL a visual novel set on Halloween. Talk to friends, blow off some steam, and prepare for tonight's festivities. Get ready for a scary good time in OFFAL!


- Having fun with uni friends

- 3 different endings!!

- Being in a BAND????

- Confronting your inner demons



A tired anxious business student working as a meat packer. Moriah spends their time drumming and gaming. Ask them about their cool game posters, or their new game they started entirely too late at night. Just don't ask them to sleep on time; it won't work. We tried.

The coolest cat in art history. Kezia is strong willed with unshakeable morals. She also knows how to shred a bass guitar. Just be sure to keep some extra strings when she starts to play. Maybe some safety glasses too.

A happy go lucky soon to be surgeon. Orel tries his best to help everyone around him. He doesn't always succeed but he tries and that's what counts! Just don’t ask him to cook for you; Trust me.

The group mom. Eden plans to start a bakery, she just needs to figure out how to get to the bank website. Till then she always has the oven running in part for the fantastic cookies she bakes and to warm her always cold hands. 

Shy and quiet, but watch out she is quick with quips. Irene plans to be a baker at Eden’s bakery. But for now works at the liquor store. It's not much but she gets some great stories out of it. Keep an eye on your toasters though.


We have both a spoiler and a spoiler free version!!







WRITING: Tan and RatSalad

OST: Sher

A special thanks to our friends and supporters, we could not have done it without you! Y'all make life a little less OFFAL ;]]

Full SFX Credit:




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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorstan, Void_Gardner, moonspeck, RatSalad71
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAtmospheric, Cute, LGBTQIA, Psychological Horror, Short, Story Rich


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ahh, what a lovely experience this was!! it gave me a sense of comfort, with the sweet tunes, familiar dialogue, and cozy art. then the creepy shit started happening and— AGH! what a ride!!!!!!! i related to to moriah's struggles, so i got particularly emotional near the endings. the cast of characters are adorable, and i love when they revealed pieces of their life. also moriah and keziah were deffo flerting. i can spot gays from yards away 

pffff what are you talking about?? kezia doesnt has a crush on her no wayyyy (she def does) thank you so much for playing!!!!

This game took me (and my stream chat) for a ride and a HALF. I wasn't expecting where it went, though perhaps I should have paid more attention the title haha!, I loved how cute the art style was and the little conversations between the friends, it felt real and true to someone who was experiencing that anxiety, and having it bubble over and become something so much more. Ended this with a feeling of warm and bittersweetness, what a lovely game.

so funny thing, a friend sent us the stream you did of the game and our team was in literal TEARS watching it. thank you so much for playing the game and we're very glad you enjoyed it. it was very fun seeing the reactions live, its definitely made my whole year seeing them. im definitely going back to rewatch the vod whenever im down. im glad you enjoyed our skrunklies, thank you again for playing. :]]

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it so much ahhhh! So happy to bring you that joy back to you, I look forward to any future works you and your team creates :)

This was genuinely such a cool game!!!!! I thought it was gonna be a run of the mill wholesome game but oh boy did it take me by surprise! genuinely unnerving at some points, despite the cute art style and casual vibes. Thank you for such a fun experience!

thank you so much for playing!! it was was our intention for it to come off cutesy at first HAHAH!! glad it was able to take you by a pleasant surprise!! thank you again and glad you enjoyed!!


This game is really cool and well made!

Rest in peace Toasty Boy


thank you so much!! it was a blast making it, glad you enjoyed!!

Rip toasty boy the one and only 😭😭

No problem! I hope you and your team win the game jam! :D